Lyrics "Seventh Rising" 2020
Like A Phoenix - Rising - Nothing To Lose - From Ashes To Fire - The Dream - Invisible Enemy
Dr. Madman - Number One - Gods Of Metal - We Are The Ones - Eye Of RA

Lyrics "Alpha & Omega" 2018
War Against Terror - The System Is Down - Crush - Don't Be A Fool - Join The Dark Side
The Poison - Fire & Ice (Reborn) - We Belong To Yesterday - Blinded By Hate
Destiny Calls - Land Of The Rising Sun - Alpha & Omega

Lyrics "Dark Secrets" 2012
Beyond the universe - Hellfire - Lost forever - Mirror of truth - Bounded by blood - Farewell
The raven - Behind these walls - Falling into the abyss - Dark secrets - Last chance

Lyrics "Damnation" 2008
- Masters of the sea - Firestorm - You are a liar! - Cyborgs from hell - The Saviour (will come)
A hero in all - Salvation is here

Lyrics "Victory" 2007
New Life
- Iron Curtain - The Sign - Revenge is Sweet - Awaken the Monster - Rise of the Empire
Fortress of Solitude
- Through the fire - Victory

Lyrics "Symphony of Glory" 2005
Time and space
- Miracles - Seize the day - Hand of fate - Wings of freedom - Be thy cross my victory
Spanish eyes - No release? - Symphony of glory

Lyrics "Satrap" 2003
Keepers of time - Heavens gate - Fire & ice - Inside the storm - Die for your king - Star Wars
Cyber future - Freedom calls - Heavy metal heart - Watch the sky

Lyrics Metal X-Mas
Metal X-Mas

Lyrics United

Like a phoenix

Words & music by Hansen

As the morning sun is rising
You see the ashes of a man
Some of the ambers are still glowing
Like gold in the sand

As the darkness is coming
And you gaze upon the stars
You can see a fire burning
As the flames starts to rise

I am ready, I am stronger than before
Full of power I am charged into the core
Let’s go!
I was dead, but now I’m feeling more alive
Rising up to the heavens then I dive below
Let’s go!

No more, No more, No more
This time I’ll end this war
No more, No more, No more
I will crush until there ain’t no more

Like a phoenix I will arise
From the ashes of my previous life
Like a new born I fly
Rising up to the sky
With the fire in my eyes
Like a phoenix

Learn my name cause I’m coming back for you
There will be justice, your nightmare’s coming true
Watch out!
You can run but you cannot hide from me
I am the god you created me to be
Watch out!

As the sunset is falling
A new future has begun
You share a tear for the fallen
And your victory is done


Words & music by Hansen

No more insanity, no more dark illusions
No more drugs that keeps you locked up in yourself
The voice of truth is here, and that is hard to bear
You face the pain inside a deeper consciousness mind

A new beginning
A fresh new start

Rising! Into the brave new world
It’s time to make it right, it’s time to stand and fight
Rising! From the ashes of your life
The fire is back in your eyes, it’s time for you to rise

Distorted faces cry, They sing your lullaby
The walls are closing in and the darkness creeps inside
A thousand years of dreams, a thousand horror screams
A million miles away from reality, but I will break free

Nothing to lose

Words & music by Hansen

Stand down, get out of my way
I am tired of your crap
Bullshit, and lies every day
Please shut your trap

Move aside, don’t stand in my way
I'm leaving here right now
Mark my words, I’m gonna be strong
I’m the one who’s laughing now

I got nothing, nothing to lose, nothing
I got nothing, nothing to lose, nothing

You pushed me down, and locked me away
And threw away the key
The only thing, that kept me sane
Was the dream of breaking free

My only friend, the shadow on the wall
He never treated me wrong
(he said) You will have your victory
The day I set your free

From ashes to fire

Words & music by Hansen

In this life it is difficult to choose
Make a wrong choice and you could lose
The common sense of right or wrong
It will define where you belong

I will be reborn
From ashes to fire
Like a phoenix I will rise
From ashes to fire

Every day is a struggle to survive
It’s your dream that keeps you alive
Keep on fighting and you will win
A better life will soon begin

The dream

Words & music by Hansen

Walking out of misery
Walking out of the rain
Another day has gone by
And it’s filled with pain

A ray of sun is coming down
To dry the tears in her eyes
She finally see’s a glimpse of light
And hope there’s no more lies

The dream has come alive
For a long time she's waited but now it has arrived
The dream has come alive
She has waited far too long but the day has finally come

Through the glass she watched the world
As it passed her by
The loneliness was hard to take
It used to make her cry

She had a dream she had a hope
And that kept her alive
The memories from a different time
Is how she survived

Walking down the same old road
Thinking of the past
It left a scar inside her soul
And it will always last

Every day that passes by
She is growing strong
For every step she’s taking now
She knows where she belong

Invisible enemy

Words & music by Hansen

Something is lurking
From deep inside
You cannot see it
And you can’t hide

I got the power
To take you out
Resistance is useless
I hear you shout

The invisible enemy
We fight!
We stand trial
The invisible enemy
We fight!
How will this end?

Attacked in the morning
Dead by noon
You can’t see it coming
But you’ll be dead soon

It’s hard to breed now
It’s hard to see
Who could have done this?
Who’s the enemy?

Dr. Madman

Words & music by Hansen

Some people call me Dr. Madman
Others just call me insane
I’m working on a secret project
And it’s not a stupid plane

I will soon be able to travel
Through time and space
I can go back in history
Or I can fly to outer space

Not affected by the passage of time
I fly faster than the speed of light
Nothing changes me as time goes by
I'm timeless, timeless
Soon the world is gonna call my name
Dr. Madman, Dr. Madman
They will see that I am not insane
Dr. Madman is sane

As I’m entering my time machine
The doors are closing
I am being strapped into my seat
And also on my feet?!

What the hell is going on here?
There’s a needle in my arm
I push the button and I hear you say
"We mean you no harm"

I am not insane!

Number one

Words & music by Hansen

I feed my soul with you
And there’s nothing you can do
Dark deceptions pleases me

I control every line
Sending shivers down your spine
As my fingers claws your back

Always number one
You can never take my throne
(I am always number one)
(I will spit out your bones)

I despise the things you do
All the lies I give to you
A broken promise no more trust

When the light begins to fade
My words you must obey
I’m your master, please me now

Gods of metal

Words & music by Hansen

Fast as a shark runs the crazy train
We’re breaking the law that’s for sure
Once you have found the ace of spades
Was poison really the cure?

Burn, Burn, Burn High
Raise up your horns and Scream
Dream evil was never a dream

Gods of metal
They’ll be coming for you in the night
Gods of metal
With thunder and lightning they strike
Gods of metal
You can hear their whips and their chains
Gods of metal
On their horses of steel they will ride

Seek and destroy and then run to the hills
A sanctuary is what we need
The trooper is brave and he’s ready to jump
But his inner self cannot breath

The Master of puppets will bark at the moon
His metal heart’s beating fast
Tear down the walls of Jericho
The Perfect strangers will meet there at last

We are the ones

Words & music by Hansen

The ride is over, the journey ends
We had a blast, with all of our friends
We’re here together, we’re standing tall
We are a unity and we can conquer all

We are the ones
Who can help you believe in yourself again
You will find the strength
Just open your eyes and believe

There is no weakness, to let it out
It will increase your strength, yeah that’s no doubt
Break the silence, break the seal
You gotta let them know, just how you feel

Eye of Ra

Words & music by Hansen

I am RA the king of gods
The creator of everything
As a pharaoh I rule the earth
In the sky and the underworld

I am the sun, I am the moon
And my power is divine
People say I’m old and weak
The eye of RA they will meet

The king of gods, The eye of RA
I am a pharaoh, I am a god
I rule the land and sea, I rule the sky
I rule the underworld, I will never die

I throw my eye, into the sky
The transformation has begun
A lioness I will create
And she will drink your blood with hate

Down on earth she has arrived
The hunt for man has begun
You can run, but cannot hide
Cause I’m the all seeing eye

War Against Terror

Words & music by Hansen

Coward men, in command, brainless fools with an army
Slaughter down, anyone, who don’t believe in their god

Now it’s time to face all this evil
Erase them from the face of the earth
War against terror!

In the name of god, they go to war, they will blow us all to pieces
Filled with hate, and jealousy, like filthy rats with a policy
Now it’s time to face all this evil
Erase them from the face of the earth
War against terror!

The System Is Down

Words & music by Hansen

The system is down, sound the alarm
A virus is now on the way
Firewalls to protect the holes
All we can do now is pray
Power failure, shutting down, you must try to reboot now

Die, Painless infection
Die, No resurrection
Die, Destroy the creation
Die, The system is down

Download complete, the damage is done
The virus is now spreading fast
Infiltrating, dominating
Just like a nuclear blast


Words & music by Hansen

Here we go, it has begun
This is the place for the final run
Today we see who's the best of all
This is the battle where they will fall

Who's side are you on this time? Make a choice and follow

Hold on to the strongest one
If you let him go you might lose it all
Pushed back against the wall
It is time to wake up and to crush them all

You make a plan, you make a choice
You hear a loud and screaming noise
It's time to run, it's time to hide
And then attack from the other side


Don't be a fool

Words & music by Hansen

Take a step into the right direction
Don't listen to those who hold you back
Do you see the future in the horizon?
This time you won't be going back

Don't be a fool, Take control of your life today
Don't be a fool, You can chase all the bad things away
Don't be a fool, There is always a reason to live
Don't be a fool, It is never too late to forgive
Don't be a fool

Push away the sadness and the sorrow
This time you do not want to fall
Can you see the spirit of salvation?
This time you're going for it all

Join the dark side

Words & music by Hansen

Born from the dark they are a different kind, not like your kind
They use the fallen ones to walk amongst mankind

They know some things about the force that you don't understand
They are the dark Jedi knights

Join the dark side
Join the forces of evil
Join us now
Join the dark side

They turned away from the light to learn, the ways of the dark side
In the shadows they could stay and grow, and they could hide

The Poison

Words & music by Hansen

Down in the jungle of your twisted mind I followed
Only to be let down and feeling hollow

I see the treason in your eyes
I drank the poison from your lies

Every word you said I did believe and I trusted
Only to find out that someone else you lusted

Fire & Ice (reborn)

Words & music by Hansen

It’s early in the morning
And the birds are singing high in the sky
I’m watching the sun arise
For the first time I am feeling alive

I never saw the sign, that the world would come to an end
I could never understand, why we all couldn’t live in peace

We don’t have much time
We all have to leave the world behind

When fire melts the ice
The only hope is here in paradise
When fire melts the ice
Nothing lasts forever
When fire melts the ice

A thunder storm is coming
The water is rising, there’s no way out
A fire is still burning
But very soon it all will be lost

I can never forget, all the times that we spent together
I will never regret, that I took a chance and met a stranger

We still have each other
Cause we made it through the storm

We belong to yesterday

Words & music by Hansen

A million tears I've cried just because of you
I miss the times we had and what we used to do
So many questions that are running through my head
You didn't give a damn about the things I’ve said

We belong to yesterday

With all the things that you said in the past
I never could believe that this wouldn't last
So many questions that are running through my head
You didn't give a damn about the things I’ve said

You are still in my dreams
It’s hard to let you go
I wish that you could stay
And didn’t have to go

Blinded by hate

Words & music by Hansen

You took my soul, from deep inside
You burnt my eyes and fed me lies
You took control, over my life
It's sad but true, but I am you
I am you

Blinded by hate

I know your mind, your darkest thoughts
I feel your pain, I am insane
I taste your fear, I am inside
It's sad but true, but I am you
I am you

Blinded by hate
I'm losing all control
Insanity has taken me
Their heads are gonna roll
Madness has infected me

Destiny Calls

Words & music by Hansen

I feel a fire in my veins, I feel it in my bones
I've been stuck in the same old tracks, It's time to move along
When I see the morning sunrise, I know that I will be fine
A better life is out there waiting, and it will be mine

Letting go of yesterday can be tough
But never say that you have had enough

I ride alone
I am on my way
Just like a bullet I'm faster than all
You gotta be ready when destiny calls

I see a new future, I see my home
All the things I left behind me, they are all gone
As I ride into the sunset, I’m feeling fine
No more days filled with sorrow, cause this time is mine

I, I ride alone
I'm on my way
I cannot stay
I hear a voice who is calling me
It goes through these walls
When destiny calls

Land of the rising sun

Words & music by Hansen

Here we are, here we are and we're ready to go
Up in the sky, we can see that the earth is below

Welcome to our journey, we go to the east
To the land of the rising sun
We fly away over the mountains, we head to the east
To the land of the rising sun

A red sky, fills my eyes as we reach our goal
Feel the kindness, feel the respect of ancient souls

Alpha & Omega

Words & music by Hansen

As the leaves are falling to the ground
Another page is turned around
It turns into dust and becomes something new
The end of a story, the beginning of a new

All life will end, but new life will return to this earth
Every start has an end, that's why we call it the alpha and omega

From the moment that you take your first breath
Your one step closer to your death
The sun goes down but it will rise again
The circle of life, the beginning and the end

All life will end, but new life will return to this earth
Every start has an end, that's why we call it the alpha and omega

As the snow is falling to the ground
A year is buried without any sound
It melts into water and the water brings life again
The mysterious wonders of the world works again

All life will end, but new life will return to this earth
Every start has an end, that's why we call it the alpha and omega

It's the alpha and omega
The beginning and the end
Every life has a story
Every story has to end
It's the alpha and omega
The beginning and the end

Beyond the universe

Words & music by Hansen

Stars are shining so far away
Even though they died a long time ago
The world is only a tiny place
In a universe that still is unknown

Are we the only ones? (in this universe alone?)
Is our mission here undone?

Far beyond the galaxy, is there a place for you and me?
And if it’s true then I will follow
The world has served me pretty well, but has now turned into a hell
So I'll be leaving here tomorrow

Fear is filling my heart and soul
But I know it all will fade when we reach our goal
Let’s go! We fly with the speed of light
To a destination that is still unknown

Beyond the universe, destiny will call
Beyond the universe, a future for us all
Forever going on, until we find this place
Beyond the universe, we know there is a place that we can call home

Where do we go from here my friend,
is this the beginning or is it the end?


Words & music by Hansen

Words are pouring from your mouth again
Friendly eyes is smiling, wants to be your friend
There is a beast behind the mask that is ready to attack
Once you walk into his trap he will watch your neck snap

Falling down into the trap, there is no way out for you

Hellfire, burn burn, we wanna watch you burn

Always waiting for another one to come
Starts out friendly and then they break you when it’s done
Like a cat who’s playing with a mouse that’s on the run
They chase you down and bring you back to finish what’s begun

Lost forever

Words & music by Hansen

In my heart, in my soul
There is a darkness that could unfold
Hold it back, push it down, don’t release his evil crown
It’s a king, it’s a god, it wants’ control over my blood

Can you hear me now?
Or are you lost forever?
Trapped inside of your mind
Can you see me now?
Or are you blinded forever?
Please don’t leave us all behind

In my mind, there is something wrong
I can feel it, it won’t be long
Hold it back, push it down, don’t release his evil crown
It’s a king, it’s a god, it wants’ control over my blood

No more light, no more me
I have redrawn myself, and ceased to be
You let it out, you let it loose, the evil crown he now will use
It’s a king, it’s a god, it has control over my blood

Mirror of truth

Words & music by Hansen

Once your born you start to die
From the air that keeps you alive
As you grow it's hard to stay true
To yourself and the people around you

Searching, for the answers to it all
Sometimes you may wish that you had never been born at all

Creating a wall, afraid you're gonna fall
You don't want anyone else to see the same as you do,
when you look into
The mirror can tell, even though you hide it well
You don't want anyone else to see the same as you do,
when you look into the mirror of truth

Hate, hate I see it in your eyes
even though you're wearing a disguise
I told you once, I told you twice
I am the truth, I am the real you

Bounded by blood

Words & music by Hansen

Down in a hole, dirty and cold
Crawl through the mud and into the light
Fire below, faster we go
Now it is time, we’re gonna break free

The big wheels are turning
Over and over again

Now that we see all the horror and pain
We must walk through the darkness and rain
The sun we will see if we stand through the flood
Because we are bounded by blood

Over the wall, get out of sight
Never give up without a fight
Tormented souls, crying in pain
Now is the time we’re gonna break free


Words & music by Hansen

There is a voice deep inside, and it’s telling me to go
Far too long I have tried to heal, but I know it’s time for a change

Hold on to your dreams, don’t ever let them fade away
Because you only got one life
Even though I'm leaving here today, I won’t forget about yesterday
And you will always be in my heart
But this is farewell

All the years I spent with you, is something I will never regret
Your memory will never die, but now it’s time to say goodbye

The Raven

Words & music by Hansen

They are calling from far away
The voices are crying for help
and I have to leave tonight

I am flying through a thunderstorm
Navigating in the night
I'm diving from the rain

I am the Raven, king of the sky
Show me the reasons to live or let die
Falling from heaven, a master of flight
I am the Raven fear me tonight

I am the Raven

Below I can see my destiny
Up in the sky looking down at my pray
as they run away

I am gliding silently
Trough the air, down to earth
you'll never hear me come

Behind these walls

Words & music by Hansen

Staring at the wall, I see the shadow fall
Is there someone at the door? Have I been in here before?
Voices calling, please don’t let them take me
Voices calling, there’s no place to hide
Darkness falling, terror creeps inside me
Darkness falling, the smell of death arrives

Behind these walls, tears are falling
Behind these walls, every day feels like there's no tomorrow
Behind these walls, the darkness is moving
Behind these walls, here you shall stay forever more

My heart is slowing down, as I lay here on the ground
When I take my final breath, I close my eyes and welcome death

What happened to me?
Am I dead?
Is this really the end?
Can I go back?
Please let me go!
Please, please let me go!

Falling into the abyss

Words & music by Hansen

Doors are closing, system fails
The final curtain is now falling down
Take a bow and say goodbye
The lights go off for the very last time

No more great reviews
No more applause

Falling down it seems like there is no ground
Don't know how I ended up this way
On the edge is where I spent most of my time
Falling deep into the abyss again

Liquid shadows on the wall
The show is over and the audience is gone
Empty rooms and empty chairs
The theatre of life is ending here

Coming back from the beyond
I see that people have been moving on
Thinking that I might be forgot
But my memory lives on forever more

Dark Secrets

Words & music by Hansen

Behind the perfect smile lurks the dark
A twisted mind who likes control
Inside the kindness you'll find hate
A heart of ice and no remorse

Wake up the world and realize what is wrong
Open up your eyes and see all the things that are going on
Find the things that we have lost in a world so cold and grey
When you see something you don't like don't turn the other way

In a cage born and raised, is that right?
The only purpose is to please our greed
Man plays god and can do anything, is that right?
We only see what we want to see, yeah that's right!

Last chance

Words & music by Hansen

From sunrise to sunset
All over the world
People are dreaming of a much better world
The colours are fading
The fields are no longer green
The water is being poisoned
Do you know what this means?

When the last chance is coming it might be to late
We must open up our eyes stay strong and keep the faith
All the things that man has done isn’t always for the good
Now it’s time to change our ways and I hope it’s understood
It’s our last chance

From the dawn of time
From the very first crime
Man has evolved for better or for worse
Why are we doing this?
Why don't we care?
Why can't we all be friends and take care of what's out there?

It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance


Words & music by Hansen

No more illusions, break down the walls
Here comes the truth, crushing at your balls
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

So many signs, so many warnings
You tried to let us know, we didn’t want to see it
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

Damnation, the mankind will fall
Damnation, we have doomed us all
Damnation, there’s no return
Damnation, It has come to watch us burn

The world is getting warmer, the climate is changing
Pollution of the sky, is this how we shall die?
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

Time is running out, it will soon be too late
We better act right now, cause tomorrow it’s to late
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

“As the world starts to fall”
“Darkness will come”
“All forms of life will disappear”
“And our failure will be complete”

Damnation of the world
The final hour is here
Destruction, horror and pain
All hope is lost

All we need is one more hero
To ride out from the dark and save us all

Masters of the sea

Words & music by Hansen

A long, long time ago
In a land of ice and snow
The legend of our people was born

Be ware of the mighty sword
Obey Thor the thunder god
To Valhalla we go when we die

Row! Row! Out to the sea
Row! Row! We’re off to see the world
Row! Row! Odin be our guide
Row! Row! You cannot break our pride

Oh oh oh… Ooooh oh oh
The fire in our hearts can burn right through your soul
Take my life but you can’t take my fire
Out here on the ocean you don’t stand a chance when you see
The masters of the sea

Set sail in the morning sun
When the wind and the tide is right
For days they could stay on the sea

The North Star they used to navigate
In Gods they would keep their fate
They where travelers of the world


Words & music by Hansen

The heat from the sun, we face a global warning
It’s only just begun, it’s time to choose or we will loose

There’ll be no place to call our home, the earth will fade away
There’s no place to run away when the firestorm is here

Bright light burns your eyes, no more roses, no paradise
There will be no escape from the firestorm

A tornado of fire is burning everything
The massive monster of flames , leaving only ashes behind

You are a liar!

Words & music by Hansen

No more blood will flow when I get the power
Everyone will have the right to say what they want
No more! No more illusions you will hear the truth this time
Just give me your vote and I will save your soul

Falling into the same trap again
Never learning so hear me when I say
You are a liar!

I see you on my TV, I hear the things you say
Bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla
You keep making promises that you will never keep
Corruption is the game but I don’t want to play

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

You are a liar and liars will fall
Your aiming higher but I’m gonna take you down

Cyborgs from hell

Words & music by Hansen

So what we’ve feared has begun
It’s the end of the world this is the end
Now they will cry out in fear
The metal machines are taking control

Save us, save us
We don’t want to die
Fear them, see them
Falling from the skies

It’s a cyber world and it’s out of control
There is no more places to hide
We created them to serve and protect
But now we all will die, Ooh ho hoo
Cyborgs from hell

They are human machines
Metal and flesh combined into one
A brain from a human was tried
What a mistake, now we will die

There will be no one alive
One by one we all shall die

The savior
(will come)
Words & music by Hansen

Another day goes by, another desperate cry
A million souls will burn in a lake of fire
When all we had is lost, no more winter frost
A million souls will burn in a lake of fire

Is this the point of no return?
Is it too late for us to learn?
Is this the day that we will pay?
Will it all fade away?

The savior, will save us, our savior, will save us
The savior, he will come

Inside this empty shell, a soul is hidden well
A million dreams will burn in a lake of fire
Forgotten how to love, but remembers how to hate
A million hearts will burn in a lake of fire

Now I see there’s another way to get out from this hell we created
All we must do is to change our ways and we all must stand together

A hero in all

Words & music by Hansen

You feel that all hope has gone
There’s nothing more to loose
You see that the world falls apart
And every day is the same

No more feeling sadness
No more hurting pain
No more tears like rain
No more people dying
No more endless fighting
No more emptiness

There’s a hero in all of us
One who will fight for all
No more darkness will blind us
Once again we’ll be free
A hero in all

When all the passion has gone away
And you are feeling alone
Remember there is always someone out there
That feels the same as you do

Salvation is here

Words & music by Hansen

Now we all stand together
To fight for the right to live
The air will be cleaner than ever
We can breathe without getting a disease

From the dark he will come
And save everyone
Healing the world with his power
All the shadows will go
And we all will know
That now salvation is here

Hate is something that we don’t need
We must learn to all get along
Years of fighting will finally end
And they will see that there was no point at all

Salvation is here
Coming out from the dark
The day has finally come
Will he will save everyone?

New Life

Words & music by Hansen

I feel it, I hear it, I see but can’t believe it
I fear it, I’ve tried it, and now I’m free at last

We seem to have lost the
Will to give a helping hand
But it’s not to late to make a change

A new life has begun (From the darkness he rise)
Through the years I have learned to live with the pain
As the story unfolds (He reveals all his past)
All the secrets is out a new life has begun

The hard times, the sadness, it’s hard to live and learn
You face it, cant race it, you just have to take your time

Iron Curtain

Words & music by Hansen

Beware of the iron curtain
Once it fall you will never get out
Never close the door to your heart
Cause it won’t fade away in the night

How could this happen to me?
I am strong, I am not weak

Aaaah ah The Iron curtain is falling
Aaaah ah And the walls are closing in
Aaaah ah The Iron curtain is falling
Aaaah ah My whole world is crumbling down
Down on me

Sitting trapped in a corner
Boiling sweat runs down my back
Shaking like an earthquake
As the anxiety attacks

The darkness surrounds me
The weight is heavy as hell
My mind is like a tornado
It’s spinning inside of this well

I can’t feel my arm anymore
And my chest hurts like hell
I am crying like a baby
And I am afraid I won’t get well

It’s the iron curtains
Don’t let them fall

Here comes the iron curtain

The Sign

Words & music by Hansen

Tonight I’m gonna leave this town behind
Gonna pack my things and then I’ll say goodbye
Tomorrow a new journey will begin
The iron bird will carry me with the wind

As I start to walk away
You take my hand and then I’ll say

Every time when I am away from you
I feel alone and I am missing you
So far away but still you are close to me
In the stars I see your sign
No matter where I go will you wait for me?
Even if it will be for eternity?
A million miles away but I will return
Cause in the stars I see your sign

Tomorrow I am far away from home
Seeing places I have never seen before
So many men have travelled here before
And many will travel here once more

As my journey finally ends
I’ll return to my friends

Revenge is Sweet

Words & music by Hansen

You thought you could do it again
Just change what you want but never ask
This time you have gone to far
There’s no turning back you’ll have to pay

Revenge is sweet

A contract was written in gold
But turned out to be nothing more than shit
You can take this piece of paper
And show it up your ass you piece of thrash

Paragraph 04 in the contract, broken
Paragraph 09 in the contract, broken
Paragraph 14 in the contract, broken
Paragraph 17 in the contract, broken

Awaken the Monster

Words & music by Hansen

I’m the ice man
I am the assassin,
I’m just a killer that kills for fun

He had a though childhood
He never knew love
Should we forgive him? Feel sorry for him? No!

Awaken The Monster
It never ever sleeps
It’s waiting for the next victim
The hunger never stops

I kill for no reason
Look at me the wrong way
And you will die a slow and painful death

Rise of the Empire

Words & music by Hansen

Rise of the Empire
The new world soon will come
Rise of the Empire
The war has just begun

Here he comes, the man behind the mask
He holds so much power, he holds the key to the world
He is no longer human, but a cyborg with no heart
Never turn, your back at this man
He holds so many secrets, he holds the truth of the sith
He once was a human, but now he’s more machine

You will never see the light again
If you don’t stand and fight
The dark side is growing powerful
But with the force we can take them all

Watch him fly, he’s the fastest in the universe
He has always been a fighter, always been the one
But with the anger growing stronger, he gets closer to his fall

Watch it rise !

Fortress of Solitude

Words & music by Hansen

Inside of this soul there is not much control
When the walls are falling down
There is no one to help you when you need it most
You got to stand your own ground

Fortress of Solitude
Fortress of crime
Fortress of Solitude
Don’t waste my time

Pictures are flashing and burning my brain
How can I focus with all of this pain?
Noises are creeping inside of my ear
How can I live my life when all I feel is fear?

In good times and bad times you are there for me
The one that I care for but no one can see
The shadow is dancing a warrior’s dance
This time I wont make it, I don’t have a chance

Fortress of Solitude
You can't win
I won't go down
So don’t waste my time

Through the Fire

Words & music by Hansen

Sometimes we have to choose
We may not like the choice we have
Sometimes we’re bound to loose
In this game that some call life

You feel the heat again
You try to run but you have to stay and jump

Through the fire we go
You feel the flames, but nothing brings you down
Through the fire we go
You feel the heat, but this time we let it burn

The world is full of crime
The world is full of hate and pain
Sickness and decease
How long can this go on before it ends?


Words & music by Hansen

Brothers of metal unite
It’s time to stand up and fight
Let our voices be heard
Forever and for more

Lift the flag up high
Wave it in the sky
Cause metal never dies
It will lead us to Victory

Together we build a force
Stronger than steel stronger than all
Tonight we are all in the crowd
There’s no turning back it’s gonna be loud

Brothers of metal unite

Time and space

Words & music by Hansen

The words I hear is calling out again
They creep inside the darkness of my brain
I’m falling down but cannot touch the ground

The stream of light is closer than I see
Can I escape from my own destiny?
Or am I trapped inside for eternity?

Travel through time and space we will help you survive
Watching the years fly by
If we could start again would you help us my friend
Or would you not dare to try

Something’s must change before it is too late
The time is right we gotta have some fate
We take a journey into the past

We see the things that man have done before
The evil the terror the destruction of it all
Is this really worth fighting for?

In the dark you will rise up to light the fire again
In the quest for a reason to start all over again

Lost in time the world is falling everything is falling apart
No escape from the terror that looks you in the eye

Travel through time and space we will help you survive
Travel to a distant place, a journey to save mankind


Words & music by Hansen

Far to long I have been alone, will I end my life tomorrow?
I have tried to keep on going on, but all I get is sorrow

No one hears my cry

I believe in miracles but will they ever hear me
They seem to be so far away and never coming near me
Will it ever be my turn and will I ever see them
Cause the miracles that I have seen has never been for me

A voice inside is telling me to stay, but it’s very hard to do it
I’m afraid of loosing my mind, if I don’t find a solution to it

I believe in miracles cause finally they heard me
They used to be so far away but now they are near me
Finally it was my turn and finally I saw them
Cause the miracles that I have seen has always been for me

Seize the day!!

Words & music by Kjelstad

Why do we have to live this way?
This is no way of living
Can we find another day without hunger and deceiving?
Is there life for all of us?
I think that we can make it
Understand the meaning to life, death and spirit

In a world of war and crime
We are hoping for salvation
Out of the ashes we will rise, to fight for every nation
Like the eagle in the sky
We see the glance of sunrise
The morning glory for us all, we are standing tall

One day we’ll live forever for one and all together
We all will see the light when we will seize the day

Hand of fate

Words & music by Hansen

If I could walk into the fire
If I could walk right through the storm
If you could see my dark desire
You would be dying but not alone

If I could stop the world from burning
If I could rescue everyone
If you could see me in the mirror
You would be crying all alone

Out there, somewhere
The reasons for everything
Searching, falling

Deep into your heart

The Hand of fate, is never late
It will strike right from the sky
You can try to run, but you can not hide
From the hand of fate

Is there a place without no sorrows?
Is there a place where we can start?
To try an make a new tomorrow
Or will it all just fall apart?

If we all stand together
If we all are ready to fight
There will be a new tomorrow
Because our hope is burning bright

Wings of freedom

Words & music by Hansen

The years are passing by me
The world will change around me
And life will always be a big illusion

So hard to be a part of
A life that‘s so confusing
To many things is going on inside of me

I fly on my own
I decide where to go
I have finally found
My own wings of freedom

I speak up my mind
I am no longer blind
I have finally found
My own wings of freedom

To many times of sorrow
To many lies to swallow
I’m breaking loose now and I’m not coming back again

I feel the wind around me
I see the world below me
It’s like I’m born again and finally I’m free

Spanish eyes

Words by Hansen & Kjelstad / Music by Kjelstad

The first time I ever saw your face
I felt something in my heart
A feeling that I never knew before
Could this be a brand new start?

I was lost in your eyes
Could you be the sun of my life?
I thought that I never could
Have someone like you

She made me feel so funny
The feeling was so strange
I love her very easy, It will never change

She's the one that I would love, to have and know that I
Have met my Sweetie pie
All the days that has gone by, my love will never die
For her my Spanish eyes

The days with you are the best I have had
I hope we will have many more
My life has changed but I’m still the same
The Joker and friend for all

I ‘am lost in your eyes
Cause you are the sun of my life
I thought that I never could
Have someone like you

Oh how she looks
Oh how she smells
I feel a tingling in my bells

She's the one that I now love, I have her and I see
That she's the one for me
All the days that has gone by, my love will never die
For you my sweetie pie
My Spanish eyes

Oh my love it is so true, and it is just for you
The love I've never knew
Hear these words and you will see, the only one for me
Is you my Spanish eyes

No Release?

Words & music by Hansen

So the day did come, when we got our chance to show the world
That we can be apart, so with this contract we did start
With no cash with no loans, we where making it on our own
But very soon it got dark, it seemed like it all would fall apart

Is there no one who can help us now?
Are we lost? Are we out of the game?

Will there be no release? Aaaah ah ah ah

We had a deal but no it’s gone, we cannot finish what we’ve begun
This cant be right, this must be wrong, where is this hell now coming from?
So very close but still so far, will you help us to heal this scar?
Time runs fast no hope in sight, our dream was fading in the night

There was a light that we did see, was it dream or reality?
We must be strong and carry on, because it’s here that we belong
But suddenly the things did change, we would break out from our chains
And finally we did see, the end of eternity

Finally we where seeing the end
Finally it would be a release

Be Thy Cross My Victory

Words & music by Hansen

A fire is burning in the night
The stars are shining so bright
It’s always a silence before the storm
But when hell breaks loose the rage is born

Listen to the voices inside you
They will guide you and show you the way

We are far away from home
We come from beyond the sun
We fight for freedom my friend
And we’ll stand by you until the end

A warrior is razing his sword
Screaming I will die for my lord
The sound of steel and metal is so loud
Raise your head look ahead and be proud

Be thy cross my victory, let me live for eternity

Requiem, Aternaem. Dona Eis Domine
Dans La Glorie, De Ton Ciel
(Almighty god, give us eternal rest, be thy cross my victory)

Time is changing world is burning
Clock is ticking still we’re not learning
World is dying people are crying
Have we all just gone insane?

Symphony of Glory

Words & music by Hansen

Into the story and out of the storm
Dark times have been before
A quest for a dream was the strength of it all
The reason to carry on

We are fighting for a dream that we have
And no one shall stand in our way
No matter how long it takes, we shall over come
Cause believe me the day will come

When you will hear a symphony of glory
As your dreams come true
A victory to show them all that never did believe
The symphony of glory is real

Inside every heart there’s a fire that burns
But there are so many rainy days
Hold on to your dreams cause they will make you strong
And in the end your time will come

Sometimes life is so hard
And everyday is a struggle to survive
Keep on dreaming and you will see
That your dream becomes reality

It’s the symphony of glory
And it’s here to stay for eternity
The symphony of glory
The song of a victory

Keepers of Time

Words & music by Hansen

Going back in time, long before the human kind
When there was no evil minds
Driven by a force, let the nature take its course
Only the strongest will survive

But then the man came like a virus to this world
And spread evil to the earth that gave him birth

Once there was no crime, and no greedy selfish minds
Mother earth was in control
Living by the rule, killing just for food
Keep the balance in control

We are the keepers of time, the guardians of life
We know everything that the future will bring
Earth wind and fire is what we control
A burning desire that lives in us all, Keepers of Time

Looking back in time, through the history we find
That the humans will not learn
Make the same mistakes, as so many have before
Until this earth can take no more

Keepers of time, the guardians of life
They know everything about the future
We will take back control, and the evil will fall
There’s always a light behind the rainbow

Heavens Gate

Words & music by Hansen

Rain is falling down, All over your grave
Hope is all I’ve got, keeps me from going insane

There is a place far beyond
Where you can go to get the strength to carry on

Fly far away, to the heavens gate
There you can rest in peace
Fly away, to the heavens and you’ll find
It’s time for you to leave this world behind

Pain is all I feel, and I just can not believe
What I see in front of me, your angel is coming for me

Fire & Ice

Words & music by Hansen

It’s early in the morning
And the birds are singing high in the sky
I’m watching the sun arise
For the first time I am feeling alive

I never saw the sign, that the world would come to an end
I could never understand, why we all couldn’t live in peace

We don’t have much time
We all have to leave the world behind

When fire melts the ice
The only hope is here in paradise
When fire melts the ice
Nothing lasts forever
When fire melts the ice

A thunder storm is coming
The water is rising, there’s no way out
A fire is still burning
But very soon it all will be lost

I can never forget, all the times that we spent together
I will never regret, that I took a chance and met a stranger

We still have each other
Cause we made it through the storm

Inside The Storm

Words & music by Hansen

Hear the thunder, see the lightning
Feel the rain comes poring down
Hear my heart beat, see my anger
Feel the force that strikes you down

You've betrayed me, for the last time
Now you must pay for your sins
Kneel before me, say you’re sorry
Close your eyes and feel the pain

I am trapped again

Inside the storm
We can fly away to the unknown
If you’re cold, ill keep you warm
You are safe inside the storm

See the moonlight, hear the voices
You can hear them calling you
Cannot answer, life is fading
There is nothing you can do

Someone's crying, someone's trying
To keep the life in you
Now you’re sorry, but it's too late
This is the end for you

You are safe inside
You will join the ride
You are safe inside the storm

Die for your King

Words & music by Hansen

Riding down the valley of the Kings
I hear the song of a thousand years
Once you’ve seen the things that I have seen
Your soul will die if your mind’s not clean

In the valley of the kings
Steel meets steel once again
In the shadow you will find
All the victims left behind

For a thousand years they’ve been coming here
To spill their blood for the King
You can hear the sounds of the fighting men
Who gave their lives again and again

Die for your King
And the land of the free
And the right to believe
The ancient code
Will still carry on
As long as you’re heart is real

Die for your king
And the land of the free
Hear the people sing
Die for your King

Star Wars

Words & music by Hansen

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away
The evil empire was building a force, destroying all in its way
Lord Vader, he’s the man in black
Helmet of steel helps him to breathe, and with Jedi force he attack

The death star is near
But the rebels have no fear
The dark side of the force
They’ll never join

Star Wars, the rebel fleet is on the way
Star Wars, they have come to save the day, Star wars

A new hope is here, and he’s gonna save us all
He is so young but his force is so strong, Luke Skywalker is his name
Our freedom, he’s gonna bring back
He has come to lead us into the light, it's time to stand up and fight

He flies among the stars
With the speed of light he goes
The dark side of the force
He’ll never join

Yoda my master
Teach me how to fight
The evil Lord Vader
Is dying here to night

Star Wars
We fight for freedom
We fight for glory
We fight for all

Cyber Future

Words & music by Hansen

No more time to waste
Let’s fly into space
Crossing the universe
I can see the star light

With the speed of light
We will fly tonight
Looking for unknown lands
The future is out there somewhere

We fly so high across the sky
A million light years away I hear you cry

Let the journey begin
Fly away with the wind
Spread your wings
Leave your worries behind
All that you see is reality
So welcome to the cyber future

Time is running out
Faith is all we’ve got
If we find this place
We can save the human race

One more mile to go
Then we’ll know for sure
If the end has come for us
Or we will get our victory

A fire is burning in the sky
Is this the end of you and I ?
Take my hand and let us pray
That we survive one more day

I have read it in the sand
The prophecy is in your hand
The cyber world is coming fast
I wonder how long we will last ?

Cyber, Cyber future, so little time to undo this crime

Freedom Calls

Words & music by Hansen

Do you remember the time when I was afraid and alone
You took me into the light and showed me the way back home
But the memories are still haunting my mind
I try to run away but they are taking me back in time

Freedom calls for you my friend
Freedom calls for you again
Forever time has stood still
And now it’s time to break free

Do you remember the time when the enemy came to our land
They tried to kill all of us but we had a much better plan
We led them into our trap and killed them one by one
And when the battle was done our freedom we had won

From this hole in the ground I have crawled
For so long I’ve been cold
Now I’m out and a free man I am
I'll never be a slave again
Never be a slave again
I am free, and I owe it all to them
All the young brave men

Heavy Metal Heart

Words & music by Hansen

The night time has come
The lights are out
It’s time to scream and shout

Once we go on
And start to play a song
We all know where we belong

It’s time to go wild again, it’s time to thrash all around
It’s time to wake up again, to the loud and heavy sound

Heavy metal is in my heart and soul
Heavy metal is in my blood
Forever the music will live on
Forever it carry’s on
Heavy Metal Heart

We enter the stage
Like a dog in a cage
waiting to be released

Grinding our teeth
And we're banging our heads
We all go insane tonight

Watch the sky

Words & music by Hansen

Tonight I’m standing all alone
My heart is cold as a stone

You start to cry, when I tell you why
I have to go away, but I will be back some day

There’s someone whispering in my ear
They tell me dying time is near

Don’t be afraid we will show you the way
There’s no other place you can go
Just close your eyes, and we'll go

Open the gate, let us in
And we’ll fight until we win
Cause surrender is not the thing we do
We will stand side by side
Till there’s no more place’s to hide
You must fall to your knees and look above
Watch the sky

The stars can tell you where you are
They seem so close but still so far

Just watch the sky
One last time before you die
Cause you will never see it again

Metal X-Mas

Words & music by Hansen

Tonight it's Christmas time and the snow is falling down
Santa is coming here with presents to all in town

Will you sing so they all can hear
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year
Let us go and drink a beer
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year

We are metalheads and we are proud of who we are
Tonight we all can be a heavy metal star

Will you sing ...

Listen can you hear the Santa’s sleigh
Coming here tonight
We can hear the Santa’s sleigh all right
Cause it's Christmas time tonight
You can hear his voice in the dark
Ho ho ho ho ho
Santa and his reindeer’s are flying high
Like a lightning in the sky

Will you sing so they all can hear
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year
Let us go and drink a beer
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year
Listen hear the angels sing
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year
Let us go and drink a beer
Merry Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year


(mgp / eurovison song entry 2020/2021)

Words & music by Hansen

Tonight the time has finally come
So gather everyone
Because united we shall all become
Some times when life is hard
Just remember who you are
And be proud of what you have become

Never let yourself down
Hold your head above the ground

Here we are, we stand, like brothers hand in hand
Together we can ride through the storm
We are strong, we are one, and forever we shall be
United in a unity

What has the world become?
We must make a better one
So we all can rise after the fall
No matter who you are
No matter where you’re from
We are all just humans after all

United we are
United we will be
United in a unity

copyright - tch & epicus records