Date of release 11 march 2006

What do bands think of their x-label Sound Riot Records?

Have you received a record contract from this label ?
Read this before you sign...

Every band as far as our discovery shows have been run over by this label.
And they owe bands and others alot of money!

Bands have been kicked from their contracts for no reason, or maybe for not
selling enough albums. But how can people buy their albums when a label
isn't doing any Promotion? oh sure they will say that they do, but if you call
a few small ad's in a few magazines promotion then maybe they are right? haha
By the way, they have told some "people" that they sometimes sign a band
just to release an extra album and then just fire them from the contract...

Don't expect to receive any sales statements, but if your lucky you might get a
little paper with some small numbers they have made up them selves.
But usually it takes them about 1-2 years to do this...

Every band have received this mail "Sorry for the our silence but..." many times,
and one of the reasons every band have received is "Sorry but our computer
did crash, and all data was lost".
How many times is normal for this to happen?
Just another stupid act from this label, who has the world record in stupid excuses...

Here is some info about what we in Gaia Epicus knows about them, and also
what other bands who have been signed to this label have told us...

Gaia Epicus
2002, we signed a contract with Sound Riot Records from Portugal.
We where very happy to get our first record deal, and it all looked pretty
good back then. I guess we should have done more background searching
of the label before signing that contract. We signed for 2 albums and had a
pretty okay deal, but it turned out that this contract wasn't something this label
would take to seriously.

It all worked pretty okay until we had released our first album "Satrap" in may
of 2003. After that we started to notice that things wasn't right. All communication
where done by email and normal post mail. We have never seen/met these
2 brothers (Gilson Rodrigues and Louis Rodrigues) or spoken to them by phone.

It took longer and longer time between each email, and every time we had a
question we could receive a email after a few weeks saying "we will answer you
tomorrow, or next week" but as always it takes longer than what they say. And they
could also state in a email "We don't have time to answer you right now" but then we
could receive other long emails about new reviews and other stuff. How can they have
time to write this but not answer our questions?

When it was time for some royalty payments for our first album we started to know
that things was not right. And at this time we also started to contact other bands to
hear how their work with the label was. And it became more and more clear to me
that these where people who didn't give a fuck about their bands and contracts.
As time passed and we didn't receive any payment i discovered more and more facts
about how they have run over each and every band they have worked with.

Now 2 years and 8 months after the release of our debut album "Satrap" we have
only received 2 small payments for sold cd's. At the moment we are waiting to be
paid our first time for our second release "Symphony" but i guess that will not happen.

Back to the story...
Close to the summer of 2004 we agreed to start recording of our second album, and
that would be released in the fall of 2004. We had a small delay because the studio
we where to use had to move, so we had to find another studio to use. We finally started
to record the album and everything went really good and fast, but then we had some
problems. Cause our label didn't pay the money in time. We almost had to delete half of
the album right there, but thanks to a great Studio owner that didn't happen. He was kind to
give the label another chance to pay the money, even though the label told us they had used
our studio money for private use...

The studio got paid and a release date for the album was set to march 2005.
3 days before I could read on a webpage that our track list was changed from what we
wanted it to be. (not the first time i had to find out through webpages some news about
Gaia Epicus released by our label before telling us. I also had to find out release dates
for both our albums this way, and not by the label telling us this first.) I thought that the webpage
had done a mistake, but I soon found out it was the label who had done this because they had
spoken to a few metal reviewers and together found out that it would be more professional to have
the track list their way. Hahahaha how can you state something like that? They also said that it
would be better for the Japanese market, cause with our track list order we would not get a distribution
in Japan. The truth would be "No one in Japan wants to work with this label anymore" and there is many
other distro's that feels the same way. The label have lost many deals because of their bad ways to work,
and will loose more as they continue to screw other people/bands and so on...

After many months and having legal advisors in the picture we had to agree
on releasing the album on Sound Riot if the album was to be released. We signed
a new contract and this was actually a better deal than what we had from before,
and the label had to give us all our demands. We wanted to just end the co-operation
and release the album on a different label, but sadly we couldn't do that. But from 2009 we can :)
then we will owe all rights to our both albums, and if the label do a little contract breach before that
we will owe the rights right away. So good for us but bad for them. Haha

The sales numbers we have been given have been wrong, and i know this because i have
checked it out my self by contacting some people. Take the numbers we just received for our
2'nd release "Symphony of glory" 325 copies sold from July to January. And they didn't
put in the sales from March to july when the wrong version of the album got in sale in the US.
When asked about this they told me that those numbers was included and it only got sold
2-3 copies from this version. Lies! lies! lies! I know for a fact it's been sold many more, cause
i have been in contact with a store telling me the sold over 20 copies of this album in just
2 weeks time. When i asked the label about this they told me that some stores import cd's
from Europe. Okay! that's strange since they told me the album only got in sale in the US.
When asked about this they told me again that the album did only get in sale in the US.
They talk around them self's so much I don't think they know what they are saying and have said
before at all. I then asked to receive detailed numbers from each distro, but then they reply
"we have to check first, and this will take a few days". What??? How the hell can they send
me a sales statement if they don't know these numbers already? Lies, lies, lies...

And then they have the nerve to blame Century Media US for not being able to give info
about how many cd's that have been sold. They say "Century Media is a big company
with many workers so it's not easy for them to know what's going on" Hahaha is it possible?
I believe that Century Media has full control over how many cd's that have been sold any
time you ask them. They are a big a respected company unlike some others...

Read more below...

Mail 1
We released our first cd on Sound Riot may 2003. So by now we should have had 2 royalties payment,
but we have not had one yet. They did a little promotion for the album 6months before the release and 6
months after the release. But now the last 6 moths we have more or less lost contact with them.

I asked for sales numbers every month since december 2003, and in june 2004 they finally told me.
They say we have sold 2000 cd's out of 3000 printed cd's. I find this very strange since our cd can be
bought in over 100 places on internet alone. And that is in more than 30 countrys. Then comes regular cd shops.
Also it's strange that it's only printed 3000 copy's, cause after what i remember they have printed more.

We have a big traffic on our website with people from the whole world, and alot of traffic downloading our
sound samples and music video, so it tells me that people like what they hear.

We have received 100 bonus cd's from our first cd, but since they had to delay our payment we
receieved 100 copys more. Theese cd's we should get for FREE. Now they want payment
for theese cd. We have received 50 copy's more but this we agreed should be taken from the payment.
Now they told us that they will take 150 cd's to the payment bill. And they also told us that the cost per cd
would be higher than it should be because it says so in the contract, but there is no place in
the contract that says this at all...

It seems to me like they are trying to see how far they can go with their bands before the bands do not agree.

I have now tried to send emails to all their mail addresses that i have on them. But none of them works anymore.

We are supposed to enter the studio in september, and they are supposed to pay for everything, but now i
wonder if this will happen. We have also found a better studio than the one they wanted us to use, and it's
gonna be less costs too. So now they do not wish to pay the same price that they where gonna use on the
studio in the first place.

It seems that we are not alone in this situation so we should all team up and see what we can do about this.
Cause if it turns out that they have screwed us, there will be consequences for them.

Best Metal Regards
Thomas Hansen

Mail 2
I was contacted by Top Room Again and they are not pleased at all. If the money isn’t paid by October they will
erase 5 songs for sure. We are fed up with the way you are running this business and are very unhappy with the
way things are going now !

We asked if you would have the money ready for this album and you gave us a guarantee that you did…

So you had to give money to your family??? What kind of business gives away company money to their family???
Money that should be used on Studio Payments and Royalties to the bands… This is really BAD !!!

Every time we have asked for royalties you just say that you had to pay so and so much for Satrap and promotion
! that’s really not our problem. You have a contract saying that you should pay us 2 times every year. No other
business can say to their employees, Sorry but we cant give you your pay check this year because we had
to do some promotion and had other bills to pay. That’s not how things work !!! You have to follow your signed
contracts and that’s that…

And also it’s a BIG problem that it takes weeks and months before you answers on emails. Even though you
have a lot to do it doesn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to write an email. And even though you are busy with one
of your bands release/promotion you still should be able to have good contact with the rest of your bands.

About sales numbers: When will we see this numbers??? (never?)

No other record label uses 1.5 years to collect these number…

I told you one time that you should make a statement to all your bands about the situation because they are unhappy!
And you said that they where not unhappy! Well I can tell you for a fact that all your bands are very unhappy and pissed
off about NOT getting Royalties, about NOT getting email answers and so on, and so on……

I have the fully support from all your bands about that you are not living up to your contracts and so on…
So if you DON’T fix the problem right NOW we all will have to take some Action about this situation.
This will be very bad for Sound Riot Records for sure !!!

We have been extremely patient about all this stuff but we are fed up !!! You must fix these problems NOW !!!
Pay Top Room their money NOW and release “Symphony of Glory” this year !

Please respond ASAP !
( and no more lies and talk about you have a lot of bills to pay )

Thomas & Gaia Epicus

Mail 1
We signed our deal in June, 2003, and we were still waiting for our first payment...
They told us something like they didn't sell enough CDs (That was this year in January,
and until this time they sold about 500 copies in three months. But they told us we've to
wait until September, means one year after we published our first CD!).

Then we wanted to start recordings for our second release (in March/April) - the result
was we've been kicked out of the contract. Any more questions about Soundriot?!
...going on...

1. don´t you have a contract whit sound riot for one more album?
Yes, we made a contract for one more CD. But there's a paragraph in the contract, telling
that Sound Riot has the right for termination at any time, without a reason.

2. did you get some promo cd´s for free?
We got 50 copies for free. For every more CD we'd to pay.
But many guys from magazines, fanzines and so on complaint about getting no copies sent.
One day, during last autumn, I asked Louis if they'll send promo CD's to those people.
He said, this is part of their job and we'd to give them all address' from people asking us.
But it's obvious that they didn't. To go on, many distributor's world wide didn't have our CD
in their online catalog. I checked this once we've been canceled. So I'm still wondering how
they thought to sell CDs, because there've been no commercials, too.

3. what was your deal whit sound riot the payment per sold cd?
Normally, we're not allowed to talk about payments, so it's written in the contract. But as we've
been terminated, I guess no one cares about. We get 1€ for the first CD, and should get 0,6€ for
the second one. That's not much, but we'd have no extra costs, so we thought it's okay.

We did not hear of them again. Please let me know about your problems with Sound Riot,
because maybe we're on the same position...

Mail 2
What I find a bit strange afterwards is, that first being a small Black Metal label, sound riot started
to sign more and more bands through almost all styles of Heavy Metal music. Now I think I know
why they did this: they wanted to see what sells best, to keep those bands and to terminate the others.
They didn't pay anything for our first CD except the artwork printing and the pressing of the CD's itself
because they come in contact with us months after we recorded the album on our own, but finally they
told us something like they didn't come to their costs. That's bullshit! We made a calculation for ourselves:
They had to pay for 1000 CD's (they didn't press more), and they did it in South-America. Our vocalist
comes from their so we know about prices, and believe me they're much lower than here in Europe.
So we appraise they actually pay about 1500€ for everything. So selling just 500 CD's (for what we
even have no control if it is right!), they'd have an income about 4000 to 4500€. I think this is enough
money to come to your costs!

And we did not have this kind of promotion you wrote about. The only entry I found once was in EMP catalogue.
Without a picture or anything else, just a name beneath all the other bands. And another thing is, our CD is sold
in Belgium and parts of eastern Europe for 25 to 30€. So who do they think will buy this CD from an such unknown
band?!? In Germany there's no CD store where you can buy or even order our CD. Even Media Market
(I think who's one of the biggest stores in Europe) has it not in their back catalogue!
please let me know if other bands have the same problems. So we can all find a solution to get our money!
Greetings to all of your band.

Mail 3
We still got no payments for over a year, too. We asked them several times for the money.
Every time they answered we'll get it soon. So what do you think we should do?
I know of other "Sound Riot" bands they've the same problems.


Mail 1
Hi there !
Your not alone with that problem... We have been dealing with that kinda things since the very
beginning with them. If we ask something "not too serious", for example about weblinks, album covers,
they usually have answered us immediately. But then try to get answers about royalties etc... Not a change!!!
Replies are something like "Computer is broken, we tell you later" "We are busy now" etc...

We have received royalties only once or twice from our first album, The Arrival.
Some weeks ago we asked about royalties again and you can guess the rest...

What the hell we are supposed to do, we have the same problem??

And same time they are offering us a new deal. And one part in that deal is that they would pay the royalties
4 times in an year. How they suppose us to believe that they could do that if they aren´t able to pay the royalties
from other albums.

Please inform us how your things progress wityh them, ok. I´ll tell you if something happens.
We are in the same situation.

Take care and all the best!!

Mail 2
Now some news from Requiem... We sent them email, where we asked where are the royalties
(that they should´ve payed ages ago) and exact numbers how much they have sold, including "invoice of manufacturing"

And guess what??? Yes, NO ANSWER

Is this their way to handle business? Do they think they can do whatever they want? No, not anymore.
Situation would be different if we would have asked it for the first time, but no!! I guess we have been asking
nearly dozen times and never answer!!!

I have never heard of a band that they haven´t screwed!!!! They are fucking us up, everyone of us, including you!!!
You let that happen?

Yes, they can send nice emails like" Cool, let´s make an album blah blah..." But when you make it, you´ll deserve
just "fuck you instead of thank you" No money, no funny.

And yeah, they have done that several times before, when they were signing us, we asked from other bands from
Finland, and they told me that everything was fucked up. They sent one band (Lost in Twilight) to make an album to
one of the most expensive finnish metal studios (Astia studio, children of bodom etc...) and they never got money for
that and they had to pay it by themselves.

Don´t trust them!!!! They are just using you. You´ll see later, that things will not get better, even if you were waiting for
years!!! Just empty promises and shit

Now they have made some scandinavian´s angry and they´ll see that it´s not wise to screw them heheheh

Mail 3
Hi there
Just asking how are things with SR? They didn´t answer anything about the royalties nor other serious questions
´till we threatened them with finnish musicians union. And we were asking many many times.
They refused to pay us our royalties, they said they´re broke, they can´t pay. then they suggested that they could
send us 100 copies more of our records etc... other shit and nothing have happened.
I just want other SR bands to know what kinda company they are dealing with.
Maybe in future we can solve all that shit!

Nice xmas vacations, if you happen to have some

Chris ( MADOG )

Mail 1
Hi Thomas ,

Sorry for the delay , because i was in germany for a few days.I was ordering some copys from our record about
2 weeks ago and till now i heard nothing from them.I don´t know what´s going on there in portugal.We should get
our first payment in september , so we have to wait what will happen.I hope they hold their words!
What are about your experiences with sound riot?

Greetings Chris ( Madog )

Mail 2
Thanks for your fast reply.Hmmm , this all sounds very bad to me , but what can we do?Now i think we´ll get no
payment too.As we need more copys from our record ( i told you before )i contacted Twighlight in germany
too.They told me that they only have a rest of 15 copys on stock actually.So i thought how much have they sold?
I asked them some days ago and i was told that they are not allowed to tell me how much they have sold.Now i have
the problem, that i am able to sell our record to the people but i have no material , we have only a rest of 2 copys!
This is a very bad situation and the next thing is that we got no reaction from sound riot. If they would let
us know that they still have no money and no cd´s we will have the opportunity to do something different.
But in this way we are all in a very bad situation.I think they made a joke to us.

Greetings Chris ( Madog )

Mail 3
Hi Thomas ,

Thanks for your mail and for info´s.No need to be sorry!While i was reading the statements , i recognized that they
did the same to most of the bands they ´´signed´´.In fact we had nearly the same problems as described in the
letter.´The result is or was , that they have re-released our self produced record Fairytales Of Darkness with new
booklet , new design , bonustrack (paid by ourselves) etc. .Three months after the release ,i got a mail with
the headline ´change of plans´.Guess what it contained:They cancelled the contract , in fact of selling points.
We were told that our release sold to less and that´s why they finished the contract.I think it´s a little bit funny ,
telling us this , after three months.We never got any payments too.Once i wrote you , that i contacted them ,
because we need more copys of our record and suprise , suprise i got about 30 pieces somewhere from
finnland.After i was told that i had to pay , i can´t remeber how much , euros for those copys ,guess what i was
doing:i paid nothing.At the end they told me that the selling went so bad , that there is nothing they can pay
for , because with the sold copys , they have to cover their expenses.I also was told , that i can have the ordered 30 copys
for free , and this was finally the payment given to us. My final conclusion is , that most of all was just a choke ,
but in fact we got some worldwide promotion for free and that´s the good part of the show.I don´t know how good
the promotion was , but we got some good reactions from all over the world , maybe we were in the lucky state ,
that we got more promo then ohters , maybe?I don´t know.We got some selling sheets too , but i can´t really believe
what´s written on it. Anyway , at the end we got some promotion , a new re-release and some troubles.Now it´s just
a part in the bandhistory and we have finished with it but it´s good to bring this story to the light in fact that other bands
can have a look on it.

Greetings Chris ( Madog )

Mail 1
Hej Thomas!

Har faktiskt ingen aning hur det gott med våran första skiva. Har försökt frågat Louis&Gilson, men det
enda dom svarar är att dom inte fått några siffror från sina leverantörer än. Men förmodligen är det inte så
mycket att vänta på, eftersom dom, vad jag har förstått, inte sålt mer än 1-2000 skivor till sina leverantörer :)

Har fått flera livstecken från Rodriguez-bröderna nu. Verkar som om dom hållt på att flytta, och inte haft
något fungerande internet.
Men nu dyker det upp lite mail med recensioner och sånt ibland, plus att jag
pratade med Louis via MSN häromveckan. Han verkade väldigt positiv inför framtiden.

Verkar dock vara lite svårt det här med pengar... Har fortfarande inte sett till några pengar för inspelningen
av första skivan.
Första royalties-betalningen skulle ju också varit 30 juni, även om dom tydligen kan välja att
skjuta upp den två månader. Men just inspelningspengarna tycker jag ju är väldigt tråkigt, skulle ju inte kännas
bra att börja en ny inspelning utan att ha fått betalt för den första. Inte för att jag är säker på om man är tvungen
till det dock? Har för mig att det är så, att begår en parten kontraktsbrott, så blir kontraktet ogiltigt. Men jag är
inte säker. Sen vill man ju inte börja bråka i onödan, inte minst som ett dåligt rykte för skivbolaget i slutändan
kan slå tillbaka mot en själv, i alla fall så länge man är fast där. Brukar ju faktiskt till och med påpeka i intervjuer
hur trevliga Sound Riot är, eftersom dom består av musikälskare och inte affärsmän.
Får hoppas att dom skärper till sig!!

Ha det fint!

Mail 2
Hi Thomas!

I guess it might be intresting for you to know that we are about to leave Sound Riot too. Well, to be honest,
they actually wrote first that they wanted us to leave, but it was after we wrote an email with similar content as
the one you attached (very good formulated, btw! :)) to them. As you might know, they still own us money for
the studio for the first album, and we wondered if we where supposed to have them before we started to record
album #2. Then they wrote a long email about that we where ungrateful, that they actually had done more for us
than they are obliged to by the contract,
that we sold very bad (because of the unintresting music) and so on.
And attach a "termination of contract", which they wanted us to sign and send to them.

They also offered to pay the rest of them money (they think, after a very stupid calculation, that they already payed
us a lot of the studio money) by sending us 23 copies of our own album. Very proffesional. I mean, if I own a
friend money, I can't give him my old kitchen table which I don't use anymore! :)

However, we didn't find the conditions in the termination contract very good, so we asked an american friend,
who handles some legal stuff on his company, to write a new one. He did so, and also wrote a very proper email where
"we" explained what we thought about this. Still waiting for answer about that one...

Very sad to hear about your situation with the studio. Can't imagine how frustraing it would be to recorded all tracks
for a new album, and now facing the fact that they might be deleted? Really hope you can find a way to get them
anyway. Maybe the studio would give you a very fair price if you promise to release them on another record company
than Sound Riot?

Also have say that I am very suprised that Sound Riot are treating the bands the way they do... I mean, it's a pretty
limited buisness, and I don't think a such small company can treat more than just a very few bands bad before they
will start to have a very bad repution, which will make it much harder for them to sign new bands.

The suggestion I will give you now is probably not a genious one, but here is what we had done so far; We wrote an
email where we explained why we can't work with Sound Riot anymore, some brief text about the band (attached the
links to some good reviews), added links to soundfiles on the homepage, and offered to send a full CD-R. This have
been sent to more than 60 record companies, and since last thursday, when we sent it, we have got 3-4 who are
intrested. And I suppose that if we wait for a few weeks, it might be more. That's at least what we hope for! :)

Hope everything will be fine with you and your band!

Sincerely, VII Gates


Mail 1
Hi, I'm the bassist of Excalion.
Sound Riot hasn't payed our Studio either. Doesn't look good... Have you gotten your royalties from Satrap?
I assume that they haven't told the sales figures either. We'd really need to know them. They could be ripping us
off, you know... Who knows how much you're selling... What are they doing? I think you guys know more about the
situation than we do... Have you gotten any money from them..?
Thanks for fighting...


Mail 2
Hi Thomas.

Fuck this! Someone should get in touch with an attourney and ask about this situation... We need to put these guys
out of business. No one needs to be ripped off anymore! They should pay 1000 euros for the recordings
(or should have payed last month) but "due to family worries" they can't until December... We haven't gotten
any money from them, just empty promises... Should we send a fairly well articulated letter to them saying that we
won't do a thing until things are sorted. We still hold posession of our album's master and we will not give it up if
things are like this.. When I get pissed some portuguese heads are falling, I guarantee!



Mail 1
Hello there Thomas, Oh man, i have to tell you that this mail was kind of shock to me..
i know that there`ve been some problems but this is...i don`t have the words to say what this is.
I`m very glad that you brought this situation to my knowledge as well...
Let me know how this is going to proceed...

Later dude,
Ghost Machinery

Mail 2
Hi there Thomas,
Whats up dude?
I didn`t want to tell at first when you contacted me how things are but, now we don`t give a shit.
Yes my friend, we`ve been suffering all those same things as all of you guys...
Firstly, they didn`t pay the studio costs etc and we were forced to negotiate with the studio about
the payments etc....That was goddamn embarrassing and very humiliating!!!!
Just as all of you,,, no answers to my emails and all of those "see through" exuces why they haven`t
answer them etc They had huge money problems from the very start,,, Release date were postponed
all the time etc... Probably the worst record label you can think of when you look things as a retrospective...
We decided to leave because they stated that they don`t have money etc...
But, we`re very angry how they have been handling things. I received lots of email form the journalists
all over the world asking about the promo cd for the review and possible interview because they didn`t
get any answers from the label!!!??? Is that a professional record label management, i think not!!!
And those sales figures...? I very much doubt them...I based my knowledge of those sales to the fact that
i already have somekind of name in the metal world thanks to my work with BURNING POINT...
The sales are very low with Ghost Machinery but, we`ve been getting huge amount of great reviews etc so
based on that, the sales should be much better... I don`t want to go to any details about the BP sales figures
but, both albums sold thousands of copies world wide!! Not to mention that, suddenly we are at very difficult situation,,,
The first cd were released a little over a year ago and the "new " band as we are we should release the second album
at least within a year or so, people remember the name etc you know what i mean? Of course we`ve been demoing the
new songs ( 10 killer tracks and one cover song ) with our friends studio and we made a deal that as soon as we get
the second albums studio budget we`ll pay him! and now we are without a record deal!!!???...
Of course if the Sound Riot would have told us at early stage what are their plans etc we wouldn`t make any deals...?
But, the year passes and they didn`t give us any "hints" what they`re going to do...Few "nice " emails now and then...
We are so pissed of with the sound Riot!!!

Ghost Machinery

Mail 1

We've gone through all these same problems, and they are still going on. It's sad and frustrating.
Once we get our 2nd album released, we're gonna leave them for good. Though, as it had been
delayed year, I'm not sure is it going to be out ever. Make them bleed!


Mail 1

I think they have been moving and not been able to answer mails etc. for a while...

And no, we haven't recieved ANY royalties whatsoever.

They owe me 150euro (-it's not much, is it?) personally, and I have asked for it about once a week
for 2,5 months now, it tells a bit about the brains on those bungholes..

Rock on & Good luck!


Conclution !!!

If you have no self respect and don't care about what happens to the music you make, and you just want
to release an album no matter how long it takes before it is released. Then go ahead choose this label.

But if you have self respect and do care about your music then STAY AWAY from SOUND RIOT RECORDS !!!

This statement is released by Gaia Epicus

Sound Riot have been informed that I would release all the info i have about them, but they didn't care!
I have even offered to keep the silence if they where to correct all mistakes, but they where not interested.
So now we are doing this to warn other bands, labels, distro's about the working with Sound Riot Records.

( there is much more that could have been stated here but i think this should be enough )

Oh... there is one more thing! They also have a sub label called Enclave Records, where they release
"Sampler CD's, for Unsigned Bands!". Here you pay allot of money to have your 1 song released on
a cd with many other bands. If you think you get your money worth, think again!!!
Also here I know some bands that have been very unhappy with the deal made on this label.